Triple Select Capital

Triple Select Capital (TSC) is a Singapore based independent global ​advisor, and private placement agent established to help secure financing ​for infrastructure projects in the energy sector.

With a presence in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we are able to invite ​select investors to seize investment opportunities for a predictable ROI and ​priority access for upcoming projects where the typical deal size is from ​USD $50 million upward with a minimum entry of 20% of the total amount.

Values and Commitment

The financial industry and the global economy has advanced so ​much that they offer seemingly unlimited capital allocation ​opportunities. Unfortunately, this paradox of choice often results ​in lackluster performance and below market returns.

To resist any misguidance from the current “hot trends” and ​groupthink, we put our credibility and integrity on the line every ​time we advise our clients – and seek common values to create ​confidence in the relationship and accountability on each side.

In every transaction, our goal is to remove any barrier in order to ​create a win-win scenario where our clients will be enabled to ​reach their full growth potential, while investors can diversify ​their portfolio with additional streams of stable returns outside of ​the public markets due to our proprietary deal pipeline.

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Specialities and Services

Private Placement

TSC runs analyses of companies’ ​capital structures and raises ​funds for clients as a private ​placement agent to complement ​existing financing.

Strategic Advisory

TSC excels in resolving strategic and finance matters by identifying the specific challenges and opportunities of a transaction in order to successfully raise capital.

Mezzanine Financing

To leverage our extensive ​channels, we opt for less ​expensive and flexible capital ​sources which allow the borrower ​to hold control of its project ​pipeline.

Investor Opportunities

Project Capital Structure

Q2 2023

TSC has been engaged to ​advise on and lead the ​settlement of project financing ​for the offshore oil and gas ​production facility of a ​prominent private oil and gas ​company in Southeast Asia.

Oil and Gas


Project Financing

Q3 2023

Our client was mandated to ​consolidate certain parts of ​the gas logistic and ​distribution chain held under ​state control. This includes ​taking over a controlling ​stake in a major gas ​distribution company and ​absorbing one of its ​subsidiaries.

Oil and Gas

Fund Raising

Project Financing

Q1 2024

Our client is developing ​Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ​infrastructure to increase the ​gas supply across Southeast ​Asia, thereby meeting the ​future energy needs of the ​region with a special focus on ​clean energy.


Equity Support

Our Team

Our founding partners come from various cultural, geographic, and industry backgrounds all while sharing common values that prioritize the ​relationship with our clients.

The Triple Select Capital story began in San Francisco in 2011, when the three partners worked together for the first time and have since gone ​onto merge perspectives to design financing solutions for local projects to access the global investment community with impeccable service.

Combining our experiences gained over the past decade with knowledge from the energy, real estate, trade, transportation, and technology ​sectors give us confidence that we can deliver under the complex demands by thinking outside of the ordinary.

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